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Politico’s Alex Isenstadt reports on Democratic strategy to energize Latino turnout in 2016. California Rep. Tony Cárdenas, the incoming chairman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus’s political action committee, plans to double their spending on Hispanic turnout and “elect two or three additional Hispanic Democrats to the House in 2016, and over the next decade to double their number to 50.”
At the Washington Times, no less, Robert W. Merry, political editor of The National Interest, presents an argument that “if Mr. Schumer and Mrs. Warren have their way, their party will begin taking steps to…bring those working-class Americans back into the fold. If Republicans are flat-footed, the new Democratic populists could create a major fault line between themselves and Republicans on the issue of the big Wall Street banks. That represents the biggest threat to Republicans going into the 2016 elections.”
A political geography feast awaits you at this link.
Interesting nuggets from a Monkey Cage report a new study of political activism by Jenny Oser, Jan E. Leighley and Ken Winnegon: “Our study identifies four types of voters…(1)”All-around activists” (5 percent of voters), who are highly active in all participatory opportunities…(2)”Traditional campaigners” (8 percent of voters), who are particularly active in traditional offline campaign activity…(3)”Persuaders” (12 percent of voters), who are highly engaged in online means to communicate directly to representatives…(4)”Low engaged” (76 percent of voters), who are unlikely to be politically active beyond voting.”
Although it is understandable why so many Dems blame the south for the party’s troubles, the political situation in Michigan highlights the painful reality that Democratic state parties need better strategy in all regions.
Lest we forget, there are elections in the U.S. in 2015, as well as 2016. At stake are three governorships (KY, LA MS), legislative elections in four states (LA, MS, NJ and VA), along with numerous citizen initiatives and mayoral races in 20 major cities. Some particulars here.
Also for 2015, John Perr’s Kos post, “Three ways the GOP will sabotage the government and the economy in 2015” and Sam Baker’s “Why Liberals Should Fear the Supreme Court in 2015” at The National Journal should help get you politically-prepped for the new year.
The midterm drubbing notwithstanding, it looks like President Obama is now doing a good job of positioning his party for 2016. Steve Benen has an interesting take along these lines at Maddowblog.
It’s only Monday, but here’s a good candidate for the ‘No shite, Sherlock’ headline of the week.

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