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Jennifer Granholm, who knows how to deliver a fierce convention speech, has some message tips for Dems heading into 2016.
A little louder on this, Dems.
Larry Sabato & co. tier out the Dem and GOP presidential fields. It’s early yet, but it’s hard to see any of the GOP wanna-bes generating much excitement, while Dems have two big-buzz potential candidates already.
Why the turnout trend is even scarier than we thought.
Here’s a disturbing look at the Alabama Democratic party, which is not atypical of the problems state Democratic parties face throughout the South. At least someone is writing about how to begin fixing them.
Mona parrots the GOP is “the manly Daddy party” meme and shows what columnists on deadline do when they have nothing to say.
Sheri and Alan Rivlin have a good Huffpo roundup of mid-term post mortems, including some salient thoughts of TDS editors and contributors.
Heaven forbid students should learn anything from one of history’s most influential thinkers, says the neo-McCarthyist Weekly Standard.
These guys are hilarious. Here’s hoping they get more into political satire.

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