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November 13: Refocusing on the White Working Class

One of the conclusions an awful lot of Democrats are coming to after November 4 is that a voting coalition that only shows up in presidential years is insufficient to create a stable governing majority. Accordingly, there’s new interest in finding ways to reach out to what is probably the lowest-hanging fruit in the persuadable portion of the electorate currently voting Republican: non-college-educated white voters, whose economic interests are not well-served by the politicians they are helping elect.
The “white working class” has obviously been a regular preoccupation here at TDS. So we encourage you to read (or refresh your familiarity with) the Roundtable on Progressives and the White Working Class published here during the summer, and check out the first issue of TDS’ bimonthly newsletter on the subject, supplying a presentation of and links to material from a wide variety of sources. It’s a conversation Democrats will need to have on a regular basis going forward.

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