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Dan Balz’s “A consumer’s guide to the final weeks of Campaign 2014” at The Washington Post provides a sort of drive-by tour of where things stand in the battle for control of the U.S. Senate. He cites polls and forecasts indicating a Republican edge, but neglects to address Sam Wang’s prediction that Dems will hold the Senate, despite Wang’s impressive track record.
Michael P. McDonald reports “robust” early voting in states with competitive races thus far — and it’s just gutting started.
“…One of the most fascinating numbers from Elect Project’s excellent round-up of early voting is this: 34.5 percent of Georgians who requested a mail ballot this year did not vote in 2010,” reports Jef Singer in a Daily Kos e-blast..
In “Cassidy’s Count,” at The New Yorker John Cassidy has one-paragraph updates on 10 key senate races.
At MSNBC.com Benjy Sarlin concludes, ” It doesn’t look like a Republican wave in which a national tide boosts candidates around the country – some races have moved in the GOP’s direction in recent weeks, others the opposite way. On the other hand, almost all the top tier races are currently either tossups or not much better for either side.”
For more on an issue Dems might be able to leverage, read “Ebola Vaccine Would Likely Have Been Found By Now If Not For Budget Cuts: NIH Director” by Sam Stein at HuffPo.
And a new poll conducted by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner for RespectAbility indicates that LVs and swing voters in battleground states strongly favor more federal and state support for employment of Americans with disabilities. “Said Stan Greenberg, PhD, “Issues of employment among people with disabilities can affect outcomes in competitive races for Senate and Governor. This community is far bigger than many people realize, including people in my profession.”
At The New Republic, Rebecca Leber, Naomi Shavin, and Elaine Teng have a warning: “What the Next Two Awful Years Will Look Like: The five things to fear about a Republican Congress.” Their concerns include: The Gutting of Dodd-Frank; A Keystone Showdown–And Possible Shutdown; The Continuance of NSA Snooping; Strategic Slashes to Obamacare; and Confirmation Chaos.
And if that doesn’t wake up your friends who are considering whether or not to vote:

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