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Wisconsin voter i.d. law bites the dust in 6-3 Supreme Court decision. No surprise that dissenters are the most partisan ideologues, Scalia, Thomas and Alito.
How ActBlue has raised $619 million over the last ten years.
NYT’s Jeremy W. Peters discusses whether the GOP’s Downerama strategy can work. Obama should have some fun with it.
At The Upshot Nate Cohn reports on new RAND study showing Dems have a retention problem.
A Charleston Gazette editorial nonetheless meditates on “America’s ‘blue’ future?
More evidence that Dems have not done a good job of explaining why the midterm elections are important. Only 15 percent are “closely following news about the midterms” — down from 25 percent in 2010.
But here is great news from the sunshine state.
At Campaign for America’s Future, Bill Scher makes the case that Georgia’s Republican senate candidate David “the Outsourcer” Perdue may deserve “The Worst Gaffe of 2014” honors for his remarkable “Defend it? I’m proud of it” double down on the merits of exporting jobs from Georgia, which has the highest unemployment rate of all 50 states.
Well, yeah. That’s why they do it.

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