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At NBC News Alastair Jamieson, Kiko Itasaka and Kelly Cobiella ask “Will Scotland’s Independence Referendum Be Decided by Teen Voters?” Like Brazilians, Scots can now vote at age 16.
HuffPost Pollster reports that “A Quarter Of Gubernatorial Races Look Like Tossups.”
Union organizer gets McArthur “Genius grant.”
Tired of all the pundit prognosticating about the midterm elections? The Upshot has a gizmo you can use to “Make Your Own Senate Forecast.”
This is an interesting take on faith-based GOTV.
Michael D. Shear and Carl Hulse make a case at The New York Times that “World Events Muffle Democrats’ Economic Rallying Cry.” They are right that there’s not much that can be done about media giving most of the air time and ink to the horrific violence in the Middle East. But Dems should be able to score a few points by reminding voters that Republicans initiated the disastrous occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan that helped create it and sent the U.S. and world economies into a tailspin.
Here’s a good update on political apps.
Lots of “Dems in disarray” hoo ha in the MSM this week. But Greg Sargent flags a telling comment from Karl Rove that “each passing day brings evidence as to why a GOP Senate majority is still in doubt.” Sargent notes also that Republicans get squirmy at the mere mention of anything to do with reproductive rights these days, and “Rove’s own Crossroads GPS has reacted by running ads designed to simply change the subject, which suggests that Dems really are turning cultural issues to their advantage.”
Wouldn’t it be more surprising if it were otherwise?

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