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Begala: Christie’s Schnook Charade Hard to Believe

CNN Political Commentator/Democratic strategist Paul Begala isn’t having any of Gov. Christie’s “embarrassed and humiliated” explanation. As Begala explains:

To be fair, Christie faced a dilemma: Either admit to creating a climate of bullying, intimidation and political payback that led to the George Washington Bridge scandal, or claim that his staff and appointees disrupted traffic on the world’s busiest bridge as political punishment without his knowledge. In the business we call it a choice between being a crook or a schnook.
Ladies and gentlemen, meet Gov. Schnook.
A schnook, for those who don’t speak Yiddish, is a dupe. A fool. A patsy. A schnook is a victim, and Chris Christie is not convincing playing the victim. He wants us to believe that Gov. Straight-Talk, Mister No-B.S., credulously believed a pack of lies from his close aides.
He wants us to believe that, as a former federal prosecutor, he thought his one-hour “investigation” of this operation, which yielded no confessions, was all that he could have done to unearth the truth. The governor clearly hopes that his press conference, his apology and his firing of one whole person will put this issue to rest.
It won’t.

Begala goes on to argue that Christie’s troubles are not going away, and he cites three reasons why this scandal has a long way to go before it’s over: 1. It feeds a pre-existing narrative. 2. There are ongoing legal and political processes. 3. It happened at the media epicenter. Read more about Begala’s rationale right here.

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