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Now you’re running. Now you’re running.

There is a funny moment in “Men in Black 2” where Will Smith runs though a subway shouting “Run, there’s a bug in the subway system” only to find that none of the passengers seems concerned. The camera then pulls back to reveal that a gigantic worm/centipede type-thing is devouring the subway, car by car. When the passengers suddenly become aware of this they quickly begin fleeing in terror.
Smith looks at them in utter disgust and says “Yeah, Now you’re running. Now you’re running.”
As I watch the “serious”, “mainstream” pundits and reporters of the Washington Post, the Times and other papers now suddenly discovering and piteously bewailing the dangerous extremism of the GOP – about which The Democratic Strategist has been stridently warning for close to five years — I feel just like Will Smith.
I’m thinking in utter disgust “Yeah, Now you’re running. Now you’re running.”

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