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I’m sorry but this is just downright ridiculous. Look at the headlines of Jennifer Rubin’s columns in the last 16 days. This isn’t writing, it’s spitting.

1. Is Obama losing it?
2. The presidents Syria plan is already a mess
3. Voters reject white house spin
4. [Obama’s] Pacts with the devil
5. Summers latest indication Obama out of steam
6. President Obama plays the victim instead of leading the country
7. Rare policy agreement between left and right: Obama foreign policy is a disaster
8. {Obama] can fool some of the people some of the time
9. Obama panned by key constituency: the media
10. Obama’s Syria speech: an illogical speech from a paralyzed president
11. Obama’s foreign policy hits rock bottom
12. If no on Syria, Obama’s to blame
13. An untrustworthy commander in chief
14. Obama’s politicizing national security
15. Obama adrift, America isolated
16. Obama no longer commands respect
17. Critics of half-measures in Syria: Obama’s pathetic
18. Obama dwarfed by MLK

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