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This is kinda weird: a serious and informed discussion and debate about “conservative reform” that doesn’t include any major conservatives.

Is it just me or does this seem a bit odd. Leading, serious progressive commentators – Greg Sargent, Mike Tomasky, Jon Chait, Ed Kilgore, Paul Krugman and others are all seriously debating the arguments put forth by “Conservative Reformers” – guys like Ross Douthat , Reihan Salam, David Frum and Josh Barro while at the same time Charles Krauthhammer, George Will, Jennifer Rubin and other leading conservative columnists are completely ignoring the topic.
And what about the conservative political and mass media leadership? You know, Mitch McConnell? John Boehner? Bill ‘Reilly? The Rushbo? What’s their response to these thoughtful critiques?
Nada. Omerta. No comment. Mums da Woid.
The whole thing is sorta like watching a spirited debate over the burgers at McDonald’s versus Wendy’s conducted entirely among vegetarians or regarding the latest New York fashion trends conducted entirely among nudists. It may be interesting to observe (especially the latter, if it’s on U-tube) but it’s hard to see what possible difference it can make as long as all of the real players in the GOP simply refuse to join in.

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