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TDS Strategy Memo: mainstream political commentators are in deep denial about the GOP’s extremism and increasingly display symptoms that resemble Stockholm Syndrome

In general, analyses that attempt to apply psychological diagnoses to the views of political opponents simply produce a sophisticated kind of ad hominem insult. But on certain occasions such analyses can be genuinely useful if they suggest a productive change in Democratic political messaging and strategy.
Progressives and Democrats — and particularly progressive and Democratic political commentators — face a situation like this in dealing with mainstream political commentators’ extraordinary and appalling refusal to honestly come to terms with the dangerous growth of GOP extremism. The painful fact is that mainstream political commentators’ refusal to forcefully challenge this trend is now playing a central role in reinforcing and enabling the extremist behavior of the Republican Party
TDS is pleased to present a important new Strategy Memo that analyzes this critical problem:
Democrats: it’s time to change how we deal with mainstream political commentators: it’s not just “false equivalence” any more. They are in deep denial about the reality of the GOP’s dangerous extremism and are increasingly displaying symptoms that resemble Stockholm Syndrome.
To read the Memo, click HERE.

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