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Are You Unemployed? Tired of Your Job? Thinking About a New Career? Guess What. You Can Become a Nationally Famous Republican Messaging Guru Just Like Frank Luntz. Take This Free Aptitude Test Today and See If You Qualify.

This weekend communications guru Frank Luntz offered his messaging advice to Republicans in a Washington Post op-ed. Take this free test and see how close you come to being just as profound a political thinker and strategist as he is.
Part 1.
Do you think Republicans should stop using the following phrases:
• Calling the economy “a hostage you might take a chance at shooting”
• Telling undocumented Latinos to “self-deport.”
If you answered that Republicans should stop using both phrases, congratulations, that’s Luntz’s advice too. You scored 100% on part 1
Part 2
Should Republicans make the following changes in their rhetoric:

• Instead of asking “should the rich pay more,” change the question to “Should Washington take more?”
• Instead of using the phrase “committing fiscal child abuse,” should Republicans use the terms “piling debt on our children” or “mortgaging the American dream.”
• Instead of being the party of “small businesses and job creators”, should House Republicans call themselves the party of “hardworking taxpayers”.
• Instead of “smaller government,” should Republicans talk about “more efficient and effective government”
• Instead of using the term “tax reform,” should Republicans talk about making the IRS code “simpler, flatter and fairer”
• Instead of using the terms “entitlement reform” or “controlling the growth of Medicare and Social Security”, should Republicans talk about “how to save and strengthen these programs so they are there when voters need them.”
If you said Republicans should make all these changes to their rhetoric, congratulations, that’s Luntz’s advice too. You scored a breathtaking 100% on part 2.
Part 3
Should Republicans:
• “Advocate a values-based approach”
• “Talk to Americans about accountability, personal responsibility and freedom.”
• “Be more empathetic”
• “Advocate a “balanced, responsible approach”
• “Listen to voters, rather than lecturing them.”
• “Speak to voters’ aspirations, not just their pocketbooks”
• “SHow how GOP solutions help the want-to-haves, not just the already-haves”
If you said yes to all these recommendations, congratulations, that’s what Luntz said too. You scored 100% on part three.
Now test-takers, hold your breath – here’s how you did:

If you scored between 90 and 100%, congratulations, you too can be a nationally famous Republican messaging strategist just like Frank Luntz.
If you scored around 50%, you can run for congress in any district that doesn’t have a bookstore or Democratic voter within 200 miles.
If you scored 20% or less, you can easily get a job at any talk radio station that advertises gold bullion, survival gear and commemorative DVD’s of “Birth of a Nation”.

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