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Et Tu Jennifer?

My, my. Will wonders never cease.
Jennifer Rubin, the MSM’s most florid and fact-averse defender/champion of the Tea Party, the GOP party line and, more recently, Mitt Romney has suddenly reinvented herself as a champion of “prudent, judicious” conservatism, going even to the extreme of wrapping herself in the awesome mantle of the great and most venerable Saints Buckley and Burke in order to scourge the extremists of the Tea Party and Republican House of Representatives.
Heck, not only does she ram a nasty little shiv right into the gizzard of the Tea Party on everything from immigration and gay marriage to the budget with the same glee that she formerly reserved exclusively for all opponents left of Attila the Hun but she even plunges her dagger directly into the unprotected back of the hapless Julius Gaias Romney with a swipe at “self-deportation” as a classic example of moronic extremist overreach.
With Rubin’s absolutely spectacular self-reinvention the Tea Party and other “true conservatives” are quite suddenly finding themselves exiled back to the wastes of outer fringelandia with their stalwarts Limbaugh, Beck and Coulter while their fair-weather groupies in the MSM desperately rush to dump their “Amnesty, Never” teashirts and “Don’t Tread On Me” snake-thing bumper stickers in the nearest dumpster and dig those old Buckley posters out of dusty cardboard boxes in the garage.
The speed of the turnabout is impressive. Within two or three years we will almost certainly be calmly assured by the MSM conservative commentariat that there was actually not a single reputable conservative supporter of Tea Party extremism at all from 2008-2012 – just as all upstanding conservatives know that there was not even one solitary single conservative opponent of Martin Luther King and the 1963 March on Washington.
Granted, it is impossible to find even one significant conservative figure in the historical photographs or lists of supporters of the March on Washington that were collected at the time. But of course, that’s just because, unlike liberals, conservatives were by temperament just too modest and “judicious” to engage in any maudlin displays of public support like actually supporting the March.
In similar fashion, we will undoubtedly soon be informed that virtually every conservative capable of expressing an opinion without literally frothing at the mouth was actually completely appalled by all of that sweaty-sloppy-gauche-no-good Tea Party stuff. The only thing that prevented conservatives from making these delicate, refined and noble sentiments more publically known was, of course, their tremendous sense of decorum and propriety.

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