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Election Countdown: Day 5

Another tense day as polls begin to slowly turn in Obama’s direction, and Michael Bloomberg trumps Chris Christie’s praise of the president with an actual endorsement.
Here’s some items from today’s blogging at Washington Monthly that may be of particular interest to TDS readers:
* The bizarre conservative demonization of FiveThirtyEight’s Nate Silver may reflect foundation being laid for post-election blame game.
* The extrusions of GOP pols on rape and abortion reflect a re-framing of the reproductive rights debate in a manner favorable to the pro-choice cause, but also perversely help extremists like Mitt Romney pose as moderates.
* Two prominent Catholic “pro-life” voices weigh in on the elections in very different ways.
* Voters “disappointed” by Obama’s failure to achieve bipartisanship sure to be disappointed again if Mitt wins–for the exact same reasons.

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