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As the northeast braces for Frankenstorm Sandy, it’s worth flagging this Think Progress post, “Mitt Romney: Federal Disaster Relief For Tornado And Flood Victims Is ‘Immoral,’ ‘Makes No Sense At All‘ by Brad Johnson.
Might be a little surprise a-brewing in the Tar-Heel state, reports Jason Easely at PoliticusUSA.
Maddow busts MTP host’s defense of the GOP’s rape dodge.
CNN’s Tom Cohen reports on a couple of potential ‘spoilers’ who are making the Romney campaign a little nervous.
The Economist has an insightful update on the presidential campaign ‘air war,’ noting, “From late April, when Mr Romney clinched the Republican nomination, until October 21st, Mr Obama and his allies spent $275m on advertising to the Romney camp’s $319m, according to the Wesleyan Project…What is more, those figures understate Mr Obama’s presence on the airwaves, since his money went further. He and his allies aired 521,675 ads, according to the project’s tally, to 469,539 for Mr Romney. That is partly because the Obama campaign booked its ads earlier, locking in cheaper rates. What is more, campaigns themselves, as opposed to parties or other outsiders advertising on a candidate’s behalf, are entitled to cheaper rates by law. So the fact that roughly half of the spending in favour of Mr Romney comes from independent outfits such as American Crossroads and Restore Our Future is something of a handicap.”
Liz Kennedy reports at Demos on the overwhelming bipartisan majority opposed to corporate political spending and favoring reforms.
Please, Republicans, unleash Sununu some more — he provides a marvelous poster-boy for Republican values. Heck, maybe also show some re-runs of the Trump endorsement, inter-weaved with footage of his latest birther drivel. Very classy.
Why serious (non-clown) business leaders prefer President Obama.
In similar vein, 100 top CEO’s have called for (gasp!) tax hikes, reports Rick Newman at US News.
The Daily Beast Salutes “America’s Greenest Politicians” — and the 24 elected officials chosen include zero Republicans.

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