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Election Countdown: Day 7

Sandy is still overshadowing politics in a big way, confusing the usual Final Week activities, but we should be coming back into the light quite soon. Here are some posts of interest to TDS readers from my WaMo haunts:
* Romney’s doubling-down on Jeep-jobs-to-China fable shows Team Mitt has lost any sense of restraint when it comes to mendacity.
* But Mitt’s waffling on FEMA goes straight back to Bush and “Brownie.”
* Anticipatory panic about a Democratic Senate caving to a President Romney doesn’t take into account changes in composition of Caucus.
* Per Alec MacGillis, Sandy impact could cut in two very different ways.
Tomorrow could begin to produce a partial return to what Mitt Romney’s predecessor Warren G. Harding called “normalcy.”

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