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Election Countdown: Day 12

Not a dramatic day on the campaign trail, other than some modest Obama gains in battleground state polls that undermine the “Romney momentum” meme. But here’s some items from Washington Monthly that may tickle your fancy:
* You shouldn’t be too fast in conceding that Richard Mourdock’s comments on rape-and-abortion-and-the-Will-of-God reflect a genuinely religious point of view.
* Contra Matt Bai’s opinion, Obama’s characterizations of Romney as ideologue make strategic sense.
* Lost Ohio African-American margin by Kerry in 2004 remains a mystery, but also an explanation of Obama’s strength in the Buckeye State.
* And tomorrow we can expect conservative heads to explode over Douglas Brinkley’s interview of the president in Rolling Stone.
Election Day approaches with the speed and intensity of Hurricane Sandy. Stay tuned.

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