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At the Crystal Ball, Larry J. Sabato, Kyle Kondik and Geoffrey Skelley see an Obama victory, Dems holding the Senate 51-49 and a 6-seat Dem pick up in the House of Reps.
Lisa Mascaro of the Trib’s D.C. Bureau has a mildly encouraging update on Dem hopes for holding the Senate.
But they are talking “Obama Landslide” over at Capitalist Tool Forbes, at least according to the Jude Wanniski Electoral model.
Alex Isenstadt’s “Democrats shift ad buys in bid for House,” reports that “the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee reduced commercial buys in four, Republican-friendly districts, each of which are seen as uphill for the party…The committee increased its purchases in four districts where Democrats are playing offense, three of which are held by Republican incumbents. The party will spend more against GOP Rep. Dan Lungren, who is running for reelection to a Sacramento-area seat that shed Republican voters in redistricting, and freshman Republican Reps. Ann Marie Buerkle of New York and Ohio Rep. Bill Johnson. It has also invested more funds in Illinois’ 13th District, which GOP Rep. Tim Johnson is retiring from…Democrats are also expanding its buy in one defensive race: North Carolina’s 7th District, where Democratic Rep. Mike McIntyre is facing a tough reelection bid…”
At PoliticusUSA Sarah Jones has a funny account of Romney’s failed cheerleader chant near Dayton.
Early voting is boffo in the Buckeye, reports Bill Turque at WaPo.
Turns out that the Ryan-calling Romney-“Stench” thing was satire. That it was seen as credible by so many that author Roger Simon had to ‘splain it with an addendum is not a good sign for Mitt.
Some big spenders are getting it up for pro-Democratic Super-PACs, reports Nicholas Confessore at the New York Times.
Here’s a good source for both voter registration deadlines for the 50 states and links to get registered for each one.
The new Obama ad makes the case for ‘Economic Patriotism.’ About. Friggin. Time.

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