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Dems: here’s a really interesting result buried in this week-end’s big WaPo/Kaiser poll

Take a look at these responses to a reasonably neutral question on Medicare
33. Which of these two descriptions comes closer to your view of what Medicare should look like in the future?
OPTION A: Medicare should continue as it is today, with the government guaranteeing all seniors the same set of health insurance benefits,
All: 58%
Dems: 68%
Ind 53%
Rep. 55%
OPTION B: Medicare should be changed to a system in which the government guarantees each senior a fixed amount of money to help them purchase coverage either from traditional Medicare or from a list of private health plans?
All 36%
Dem 29%
Ind 42%
Rep. 39%
Dang, according to this, even Republicans don’t support the Ryan/Romney/Goron Gecko plan when it is stated neutrally.

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