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Corruption is a usually better issue for Democrats, since Republican candidates are more likely to get caught with fingers in the till. But it could be a great issue this year, since a Gallup poll released today finds that “Eighty-seven percent of respondents said that reducing corruption in the federal government is an “extremely important” or “very important” priority for the next president, compared to 92 percent who said the same about creating good jobs,” reports Politico’s Tim Mak’ in “Poll: Corruption is No. 2 issue for 2013.”
Yes, Dems do advertise to influence Republican primaries (and no doubt vice versa). AP’s David Espo spotlights senate races in MO and WI to illuminate the strategy.
Eric Sapp’s “The Unreported Political Implications of Pew’s Religion Poll” offers a fresh perspective for Democrats on polling and punditry about religious values in politics. Sapp argues, “Democratic faith outreach shouldn’t look like what the religious right does. When our outreach works, it’s authentic and humble and focused on relationships and clearly-articulated values. And when it works we win because when American voters understand what our core values are, the vast majority recognize they are the ones they share. But we can’t count on voters to figure it out. And as the Pew poll shows, we can’t expect them to ignore the lies from the Right if we ignore them.”
So here we have a Linda Chavez op-ed entitled “Stoking the fire of class resentment,” which I flag here as a typical example of GOP meme-mongering trying to shame voters into thinking that any form of opposition to current income inequality is a form of “class envy.” Dems need to say it plain; We are not against people getting wealthy as a result of their hard work. But we do strongly oppose the worsening exploitation of working people so stockholders can reap exorbitant profits and CEO’s can literally make hundreds of times what their workers earn.
At The Guardian U.K., Heather Hurlburt explains why “Why Mitt Romney’s sabre-rattling on Syria signifies nothing.”
Harold Meyerson ponders a depressing scenario — what Dems and progressives should do if Romney and the Republicans win control of the white house or all branches of government because of racially-driven voter suppression, i.e. a return to ‘electoral apartheid.’ Says meyerson: “…What should Democrats do if Romney comes to power on the strength of racially suppressed votes? Such an outcome and such a presidency, I’d hope they contend, would be illegitimate — a betrayal of our laws and traditions, of our very essence as a democratic republic. Mass demonstrations would be in order. So would a congressional refusal to confirm any of Romney’s appointments. A presidency premised on a racist restriction of the franchise creates a political and constitutional crisis, and responding to it with resigned acceptance or inaction would negate America’s hard-won commitment to democracy and equality.
Nate Cohn’s TNR post “The Case of Pennsylvania’s Missing Ads” probes the curious decline in GOP ads on PA’s airwaves, even though the Obama campaign does not see the keystone state as a sure thing. Could it be that the GOP’s internal polling points toward the midwest as a better bet?
You’ve probably heard versions of the argument that lost cause campaigns should be funded anyway, if only to keep the GOP from allocating their economic resources to more competitive campaigns elsewhere. Dennis S provides some instructive examples PolitcusUSA in his post, “When Underdog Democratic Candidates Don’t Fight Like Hell, Many Republican Candidates Benefit.”
it is gratifying that the “Mitt the Twit” meme appears to be sticking in Europe. Even better, however, First Lady Michelle Obama is getting raves for her grace, class and diplomatic acumen at the Olympics. As Sarah Jones reports at PoliticusUSA: “The Evening Standard called our First Lady a smashing success, “As a lesson in good natured statesmanship – if not to say simple manners – it was a masterclass.” They continued, “For Michelle Obama cast aside stuffy protocol to join in the fun and games to celebrate today’s opening of the Olympic games with more than 1,000 children.”

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