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Mitt’s Credibility Problem, Politico’s Election-Turning Moments, and a Case of Election (sic!) Fraud

It’s been a busy week already over at Washington Monthly‘s Political Animal blog, and here are links and notes on three items that may be of particular interest to TDS readers:
* As Stu Rothenberg notes accurately, Mitt Romney’s lack of credibility extends from conservatives who don’t believe he’s one of them to GOP moderates who think he’s lying to conservatives. All in all, I conclude, Mitt really may be the New Nixon.
* There’s an increasingly apparent gap between poli-sci influenced analysts who stress “fundamentals” and play down individual campaign events, and “granular” reporters revealing “inside” stories. Politico’s latest e-book an extreme example of the latter.
* Conservatives seeking to justify franchise-shrinking Voter ID bills are always on hunt for rare “voter fraud” story. Now they are trying to stretch an obscure Indiana case involving allegedly forged primary ballot petitions into a Big Outrage.

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