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Dick Morris’ House of Cards, and the Bishops Crack Down

Just a couple of brief notes from my blogging over at Washington Monthly:
(1) Everyone in partisan politics is tempted to harvest the available data selectively to show “Our Team” is doing better than, well, it actually is. But Dick Morris offered such an extreme example this week that it was worth the effort to deconstruct it, just to show how it worked. So it you want to see how to convert some double-loaded statistics from past presidential races, a Rasmussen poll, and some irrelevant external factors into an impending GOP landslide this fall, check it out.
(2) The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops is, well, sort of everywhere on the political landscape this year. On the one hand, the Bishops have frustrated Rep. Paul Ryan’s efforts to pretend his budget reflects Catholic social doctrines. On the other, they have, in concert with the Vatican, cracked down on organizations representing American nuns who have refused to join the Bishops’ campaign against the Obama administration on health care and contraception.

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