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“When Mitt Romney Came To Town”

So amidst all sorts of chaos (with Newt “walking back,” then “walking back his walkback” of the anti-Bain message, as he is blasted by Rush Limbaugh and Jim DeMint), the pro-Gingrich Super-PAC Winning Our Future released its much-awaited 28-minute video entitled “When Mitt Romney Came To Town.” I delayed this post hoping WOF would provide an embed code, but just go to the website and watch the show. Believe me, it’s worth the time.
You can make your own judgment, but this is one of the most devilishly effective attack communications I’ve personally ever seen–a heat-seeking missile aimed directly at the white working class id. Mitt saying “A bientot” at the end (apparently harvested from Romney’s Olympics PSAs) is the capper.
And aside from the xenophobic flourishes, the film is really just a well-wrought glimpse at the underside of contemporary finance capitalism, with Mitt Romney serving as the chief villain, right up there with Bernie Madoff and other sinister characters. No wonder DeMint and Limbaugh have denounced this video: they should, because it’s an assault on everything they believe in.
Word is 30-second and 60-second clips from the video will go up on SC television tomorrow, as part of a $2.4 million ad buy (some serious coin in this low-cost state). I’ve only been able to see the 30-second version, but it’s obvious these short ads won’t pack the punch of the longer piece.
The rapidly emerging CW is that this assault on Romney will help him win the nomination, either because conservatives like ruthless financial pirates, or (as I have earlier predicted) Republican poohbahs think the contest is getting too nasty, and this particular attack very obviously reinforces Democratic talking points–not just about Romney and Bain, but about many of those alleged “job creators” generally. Hell, if I were a rich guy myself, I’d find a way to put “When Mitt Romney Came To Town” in front of as many people as possible.

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