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We said it first here – well OK, maybe not first, but pretty darn early

From a James Vega post in the August 1, 2009 Democratic Strategist:
The Conservative movement has created a Frankenstein called the Tea Party. It has broken out of the laboratory and now threatens the people who brought it to life.
…the creature the official conservative/Republican movement has nurtured all these years has broken out of the laboratory and is beginning to ravage the countryside…
…Hence the sudden desperation in official conservative and Republican circles to drive the creature they have created back into the lab where it can be restrained. The problem, however — as every horror movie since the classic 1931 version of Frankenstein depicts — is that the creature never actually does get recaptured. With the uncontrollable nature of the internet and the desperate struggle for ratings among conservative TV commentators, there are now simply too many independent forces providing support for “tin-foil-hat” extremist views for either the Republican Party or the official conservative commentators to regain control.
All one has to do is remember the movies. The lab-coated mad scientist who creates the creature always ends up getting thrown off the windmill, blown up in the laboratory explosion or gobbled up by the flesh-eating zombies he was in the process of creating as his personal army. Republican leaders are starting to feel an uncomfortable resemblance to those movie characters these days when they come face to face with their “tin-foil-hat” conservative base.
Hey, I wonder if George Romero is available to take a meeting…….

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