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Chaos Week For the “Daddy Party”

The campaign of the swaggering front-runner for the presidential nomination is suddenly a mess. Mitt Romney’s running a really nasty attack ad against Perry which ought to cost Mitt dearly with Hispanic voters if he is the nominee. Chris Christie says he’s not running, but is wondering if not running is “arrogant” and “egomaniacal” of him, and is reconsidering. Now Mike Huckabee is also reconsidering his non-candidacy, or at least considering a reconsideration.
For dessert, Florida’s decision today to hold its 2012 primary on January 31 in defiance of national party rules has thrown a huge monkey-wrench into the nominating contest calendar, probably moving everything up about a month. And on top of everything else, conservative opinion-leaders who are supposed to keep Republicans obsessed with the task of nominating the strongest possible candidate to face the president next November just can’t keep themselves from saying out loud they think Obama’s toast and they can nominate any damn lunatic they want.
Regular readers know I like to mock the idea so many Democrats and MSM types have of the Republican Party as a highly disciplined, hierarchical “daddy party” where everybody knows his or her place and everybody follows orders. This week ought to take care of that stereotype for a while.
UPDATE: Huckabee’s PAC says reports of his reconsideration of non-candidacy are bunk. Too bad. But if there is indeed a group of panicky ideologues roaming the landscape looking for a new, pure candidate to run against Romney and Perry, how long will it be before you-know-who hears her name on the restless wind? After all, if Krauthammer is right and any old Republican can beat Obama, why not St. Joan of the Tundra?

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