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All Shook Up

As you probably know by now, if not from personal experience then from news reports or emails, a relatively large (but not, it appears so far, particularly destructive) earthquake struck the East Coast today, forcing the evacuation of many buildings in DC in particular.
The epicenter was in Louisa County, Virginia, a largely rural area northwest of Richmond and due east of Charlottesville. It’s the site of a nuclear plant, where power was lost (though without, apparently, any consequences), which will bring back all sorts of creepy memories of what happened in Japan. Louisa County is also in the congressional district of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, who is currently in Israel.
As it happens, I lived in Louisa County (and am very familiar with the North Anna nuclear plant) a while back, and now live in California near the San Andreas Fault. Who would have thought I was moving to relative seismic safety? Let’s hope the aftershocks are not serious. The population concentrations in areas affected by this event are enormous. If they get through this with no more than a few moments of puzzlement and fear, and stories to tell each other for the next few days, that will be a blessing.

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