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Where The Evangelicals Are

It’s always a good idea to read National Journal‘s Ron Brownstein, and his column today is no exception. It’s about Mitt Romney’s problems with evangelical voters, which, ironically, could be exacerbated by the withdrawal of evangelical hero Mike Huckabee from the presidential race, making them more available to candidates better able than Huck to put together a majority coalition (e.g., T-Paw).
But what interested me most about the column was Brownstein’s discussion of the deployment of evangelical voters in particular states, supplemented by a nifty map showing the percentage of 2008 Republican primary or caucus voters self-identifying as evangelicals. The numbers for Iowa (60%) and New Hampshire (23%) have been repeated often enough that they should be familiar, but important, too, are the percentages for South Carolina (60%), Florida (39%), Michigan (39%), Virginia (46%) and Texas (60%). File away this map for future reference.

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