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Mitch Daniels and the Gravitas Lobby, Part Two

Huffpo’s Jon Ward is reporting that Mitch Daniels wants to run for president, and that the only hurdle to his candidacy is his wife’s hesitancy to discuss her decision to leave Daniels and their four daughters in 1993, and then marry another man, and her subsequent decision in 1997 to return to Daniels and remarry him.
Interestingly enough, Cheri Daniels, long known as reticent about direct involvement in politics, is going to be the keynote speaker at a major Indiana Republican Party event this Thursday. It’s a bit hard to imagine her taking on that assignment even as she is thwarting her husband’s presidential ambitions, but you never know.
Meanwhile, Team Daniels took a major shot across the bow today from Rush Limbaugh, who issued a sneering commentary making it clear he interprets terms like “serious” and “gravitas” as applied to Daniels much as I figured social conservatives might do: as “boring” and “moderate.”

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