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House GOP Not Extreme Enough For King, Bachmann and Paul

As you may have heard, the House passed a resolution yesterday extending funding for the federal government for another week, but with an immediate $12 billion cut (annualized, that would be some very serious money). The maneuver was universally interpreted as a meaningless gesture (guaranteed to die in the Senate) aimed at influencing how a government shutdown would be interepreted.
But without much attention, five House Republicans voted against the CR. Of those five, two are likely Republican presidential candidates, Michele Bachmann and Ron Paul. And a third, Steve King, is considered an extremely powerful poohbah with respect to next year’s Iowa Caucuses.
King and Bachmann, who are very close allies in all things wingnutty, had publicly pledged to vote against any appropriations measure that did not kill off funding–even non-appropriated mandatory funding–to implement health reform. And Ron Paul votes against appropriations bills routinely.
But it’s a significant reminder that the logic of the Republican nomination campaign trail is different from the logic of even a remarkably conservative House GOP. You really can’t get too conservative in preparing to appeal to the hard-core party faithful at the ballot box.

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