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The suscepitbility of today’s conservatives to conspiracy theories and mass delusions is not a new phenomenon. But it continues to amaze.
Via Dave Weigel, check out a new PPP poll showing that one-fourth of self-identified Republicans in this country believe that the once-obscure community organizing group ACORN will steal the 2012 presidential election for Barack Obama. Not “wants to steal,” mind you, or “will try to steal,” but “will steal.” That’s interesting, of course, because ACORN ceased to exist nearly a year ago. But it’s not that surprising, since ACORN played such a central role in a variety of conservative delusions, including the idea that poor and minority home-buyers caused the housing and financial crises, and the belief that Obama was not legitimately elected president. The ACORN of conservative imagination is such a total phantom that the demise of the actual organization need not interfere with it.
But of all the deluded Republicans out there, among the most in need of a reality check may be those pundits who continue to confidently predict that the great big adults of the GOP will deliver the 2012 presidential nomination to great big adult Mitt Romney. According to the PPP poll, 61% of self-identified Republicans say they would not be willing to vote for a presidential candidate who supported a state-level health insurance purchasing mandate. Only 17% said they would be willing to vote for such a candidate. Even given the ignorance of many Republicans about ACORN, I doubt Romney’s opponents are going to let very many GOP primary voters go to the polls without knowing a lot about RomneyCare.

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