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Tax Cut No Brainer, Continued

With the news that Harry Reid’s figured out a procedural path to a stand-alone vote on continuing middle-class tax cuts that will force Republicans to get 60 votes to stop it, and the likelihood that Nancy Pelosi can find a similar path , the probability of a Democratic retreat on this issue has declined significantly.
But just for the record, it’s a good idea to remember that this is probably the one issue on which Democrats from every ideological and strategic perspective ought to be able to agree. Are you one of those Democrats frantic for a R versus D showdown that can energize the base? This qualifies. Are you a deficit hawk? Resisting the tax cut for the rich has an enormous impact on the deficit. Do you think Obama and Dems have to find some topic where public opinion is in their favor? No question that it is on this one. Are you one of the rare Dems who thinks the party needs to show more bipartisanship or “centrism”? Well, pushing for a tax cut is not exactly a Marxist idea.
Democrats need to keep the pressure up to move forward on this most fruitful issue, and prepare to blast the GOP to hell and back next time Republicans pretend to care more about deficits and debt–or the middle-class folk allegedly furious at liberal “elites”– than anything else.

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