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It’s All Comparative

A new NBC/Wall Street Journal survey shows the Democratic Party’s favorable rating dropping to 33%, the lowest level since July of 2006. The same survey, however, shows the Republican Party’s favorable rating dropping to 24%, the lowest level ever recorded by the pollster.
On another front, PPP has released one of its perioidic 2012 presidential election polls. It shows President Obama’s job approval/disapproval ratio as being slightly in negative territory at 47-48. But it also shows the favorable/unfavorable ratios for the most commonly named GOP opponents all in negative territory as well (Huckabee: 32-34; Palin: 37-54; Gingrich: 31-48; Paul: 23-34; Romney: 35-37). Obama also leads all these worthies in head-to-head match-ups.
It is often forgotten that elections do involve comparisons of parties and candidates. Perhaps the GOP will have a big mid-term election based on simply a rejection of Democratic governance or unhappiness with the status quo. But in presidential years, the “out” party needs a bit more than being “out,” and Republicans continue to show that they don’t have the platform or the leadership to look good by comparison.

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