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Creamer and Lux Offer Perspective on Gibbs Furor

As charges fly back and forth in connection with White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs’ outburst at “the professional left,” TDS contributors Robert Creamer and Mike Lux offer some useful perspective:
Here’s Creamer:

They used to say that the thing that is most likely to end war and conflict between the nations of the world would be an existential threat from a group of aliens from outer space.
The same must be true for Democrats and Progressives. Time to give up the bickering, the infighting, the name calling — and unite to prevent the Empire from striking back.
No more aspersions about the “professional left.” No more talk about how the Obama White House sold out this or that issue or cause.
For those who are so inclined there will be plenty of time for all that once again after November 2nd. Right now our job is to make sure that Republicans do not become a majority in either House of Congress, for that is certain to bring serious progressive change to screeching halt.

And here’s Lux:

Our job as progressives is to never be satisfied, to always be impatient with the pace of change. Frederick Douglass, Alice Paul, Walter Reuther, Martin Luther King, Jr.- none of them were ever satisfied with the progress being made, and the Presidents they worked with were constantly aggravated at the pressure they received. But big changes got done when Presidents understood the importance of working effectively with them and the movements they represented.

As both Creamer and Lux suggest, the White House and the “professional Left” have distinct jobs to do, and they should focus on doing them without unnecessary recriminations.

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