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Run, Sharron (& Rand), Run

Here’s hoping the heirs of the late, great Link Wray will allow some YouTube mash-up wizard to use a little piece of Wray’s way-back hit instrumental “Run Chicken, Run” to accompany this video clip of Sharron Angle fleeing reporters:

As Andy Barr of Politico reported:

Sharron Angle walked out of an event to which her campaign invited reporters as soon as they were given the opportunity to ask questions of Nevada’s GOP nominee for Senate.
After giving a three-minute speech on Wednesday on her desire to repeal the estate tax, Angle was asked to make herself available to answer questions from the assembled reporters. Angle turned around without saying a word and left the event, as a video provided by the Nevada Democratic Party shows.

Barr was a little too kind in describing Angle’s exit: She didn’t just walk; Positioned for the quick getaway, she turned tail and hauled ass, as if she didn’t have even two minutes to answer questions. Barr puts Angle’s departure in context.

Angle was followed out of the event by several camera crews and reporters. Without speaking to the media, Angle got into a white Jeep Cherokee with a campaign aide and left the event.
According to the Las Vegas Sun, Wednesday’s event was the first to which the press had been invited since she won the June 9 Republican primary.

I particularly enjoyed the inadvertent high comedy of the smarmy m.c. of the press “conference” telling the media “I know Sharron’s got a very tight schedule. But Peter and I and (unintelligible) will make ourselves available for individual questions,” as the bewildered hard-hat guys watch Angle’s sprint, chased by reporters who weren’t into being spoon-fed b.s. by campaign aides. As a stagey political event gone wrong, it couldn’t have been scripted better by Robert Altman.
All of which may help explain why Angle is tanking in the polls. Kudos to NV Dems for capturing Angle in flight. May KY Dems, who also have a media-dodging wingnut to expose, follow suit. It’s not just Angle’s and Rand Paul’s indefensible policy positions; it’s also the fact that both of these candidates for the United States Senate are letting their handlers hide them from open scrutiny by the media. If they refuse to be videotaped answering questions like any candidate with a modicum of personal integrity, then let them be depicted as cowards in flight, which also makes for entertaining television.
Republicans, not just Paul and Angle, but also a slew of tea party House candidates with half-baked policies, have a lot to hide in this election. It will be a sadly-missed opportunity if Dems passively depend on the mainstream media to make them account for it.

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