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Peach State Primaries

Today’s another primary day, this time in my home state of Georgia, and there are a host of contests on tap in both parties, though indications are that turnout will be mediocre at best.
If you are interested in a full rundown, check out my preview over at FiveThirtyEight. I’ve also done an update on the Palin versus Gingrich dimensions of the Republican gubernatorial race for The New Republic.
The very latest news is a poll of that race by Magellan Strategies that shows Karen Handel executing a Nikki Haley-style surge into a dominating first-place position, and longtime front-runner John Oxendine collapsing into a poor fourth place. Magellan also shows Nathan Deal and a rapidly climbing Eric Johnson battling for a runoff spot opposite Handel. What makes the poll seem credible is that it reflects an intensification of trends in the contest that have been apparent for a while. And if Handel does romp in the primary and eventually get the nomination, the hype for Palin will be formidable, since the Alaskan won’t be competing with a trumped-up sounding “sex scandal” for the credit for her candidate’s ascendency, as she had to do in South Carolina.

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