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Touting his 50-plus years as “an old-school conservative”, right-wing activist Richard Viguerie gives the Tea Party the benefit of his experience

Writing in a Washington Post op-ed he says:
On the one hand:

Most important, tea partiers must remain distinct from both political parties. The GOP would like nothing better than to co-opt the movement and control the independent conservatives who are its members.
…But we must keep in mind that perhaps the single biggest mistake of the conservative movement was becoming an appendage of the Republican Party.
… Remember that most conservative leaders and organizations in Washington were silent when George W. Bush and congressional Republicans were expanding government at a record-breaking pace.
Even today, too many conservatives are willing to overlook the fact that the GOP’s leaders in Congress, Sen. Mitch McConnell and Rep. John Boehner, were willing accomplices of Bush’s spending policies and that Mitt Romney was for Obamacare before Obama was.

But on the other hand:

… If conservatives fall into the third-party trap, they will split the right-of-center vote, thereby guaranteeing the left’s control of America for at least another generation. The opportunity of a lifetime will have been wasted.
The tea party electoral strategy should be simple and consistent: We must run principled conservatives in the primaries and then throw our support behind the most conservative major-party candidates in the general election.

OK. Everybody got that? Like the man says, it’s “simple and consistent”

Don’t become an appendage” to the Republican Party
Remain distinct” from the Republican Party
Don’t allow [The Republican Party] to co-op you
Don’t forget their many betrayals
…but, oh yes, vote for them – all of them — in November anyway

It’s sure lucky that Viguerie clearly labeled this strategy the “simple and consistent” one. I’d hate to see what the inconsistent one looks like.

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