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Brits Vote

As you probably know, it’s Election Day in the United Kingdom, after a remarkably brisk but intense campaign. And it looks like it will wind up where it started, with the Conservatives likely to win a plurality of the vote and come close to a majority of the seats in the House of Commons. Whether or not there is technically a “hung parliament” (i.e., no majority for any one party) a sizable Tory plurality would very likely produce a government led by David Cameron. He’s already reportedly cut a deal with Ulster Unionists to forge a coalition if he falls just a handfull of seats short of a majority.
In any event, it’s been a memorable campaign, notable mostly because British politics finally followed the U.S. into a television-dominated competition of party leaders, not just parties. The three televised debates may not have changed the ultimate outcome that much, but probably did change the nature of campaigning and media coverage forever.
Here’s a link to Alex Massie’s suggestions for how you can best follow the returns and reactions.

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