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Game On

So it’s official: Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens is retiring, effective at the end of the current Court term, which means a new Justice needs to be confirmed before the October term convenes.
As I noted when Stevens’ retirement became likely, there are two ways Democrats can react to this news.
We can go through the certain Court fight ahead in a half-hearted and distracted way, hoping to get back to “real” issues like financial reform. Or we can take advantage of the opportunity a Court fight presents to expose the extraordinary radicalism of the contemporary conservative movement and its captives in the GOP, best illustrated by its views on the Constitution.
An aggressive and proactive strategy for this fight is in my opinion the right way to go; it will help raise the stakes for the midterm elections for lukewarm Democratic voters, while also casting the choice in November as one between two futures rather than a referendum on a very unpopular status quo in Washington.
So let’s get the game on!

One comment on “Game On

  1. Larry on

    I agree with this strategy. But it should be focused at five of those Republican extremists who are sitting on the Court, who have just decided to sell the federal government to corporate buyers in Citizens United, and were effectively exposed as activist political hacks by the Justice being replaced.
    Every Democrat on the committee should be prepared to quote from Stevens’ dissent or they are missing an opportunity to exploit the justifiable popular opposition to that game-changing decision.


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