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Beck Says Being Rich Means Being Right

This is probably an indictment of my courage and psychic endurance, but I don’t much watch Fox News, and never watch Glenn Beck when I can help it. But I do understand that the zany dude is a major force in American politics, and do watch videos of his act when it seems necessary and appropriate.
Last night he went even further over the edge than is usual, with a rant about University of Wisconsin academic Joel Rogers (co-author, with TDS co-editor Ruy Teixeira of a 2000 book about the white working class). Rogers, it seems, is Beck’s latest nominee for the evil socialist geninus behind Barack Obama.
But crazy as that seems, the more interesting thing said by Beck had to do with the rather pertinent question of why anyone should believe his utterances in the first place. Here was his response to that self-posed question:

Who owns the network? Rupert Murdoch. Do you know how much money Rupert Murdoch is — you know, he’s got all these things going on. Do you think he will let a guy at 5 o’clock say a bunch of stuff, put this together, that is completely wrong and stay on the network? Do you think he become a billionaire because he’s stupid? No, so that’s not it. Because Fox couldn’t allow me to say things that were wrong.

So, it appears, Glenn Beck is worth trusting because a billionaire like Murdoch is paying him to say what he says, and somebody that successful couldn’t possibly subsidize falsehoods.
This gets right to the heart of Beck’s whole underlying message: rich people have won the genetic and market lottery of life, and shouldn’t be questioned about their views. Glenn Beck is their trusty hired hand, and he will search high and low for the socialist “conspirators” who are trying to undermine this natural state of things.
Don’t know about you, but I intend to draw attention to Beck’s remarkable statement about the infallibility of Rupert Murdoch every time he pops up.

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