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On to the Vote(s)

So finally, the Congressional Budget Office is issuing its cost estimate of the final health care package (the Senate-passed bill plus the reconciliation “fix”) today, clearing the way for a crucial House vote. The numbers are very encouraging, showing the package will save more than either House or Senate bills (particularly in the “out years”), and cover more Americans (95%) than the Senate bill.
According to Ezra Klein, this should make it possible for the House to vote on Sunday. There will actually be two votes: one on the “rule” for passage of the reconciliation “fix,” which will in effect be a vote on the Senate bill (since it’s the rule that will “deem” the Senate bill as having passed if the reconciliation bill passes), and a second on reconciliation itself. If both measures pass, then action will move on to the Senate, where Republicans are planning to use amendments to delay passage of the reconciliation bill as long as is possible, but where the final result is pretty much assured.
The teeth-grinding frenzy of the next 72 hours will be a sight to behold.

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