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Flipping Out

I have no idea whether the sexual harrassment allegations against Rep. Eric Massa (whose resignation takes effect today) are true or false, and do believe in a presumption of innocence, along with some sympathy for the apparent condition of his health. But there’s no way around the fact that this once-proud progressive Democrat is now flipping over to the Other Side at warp speed.
After owning up to vaguely described misbehavior initially, he’s suddenly alleging a grand conspiracy by the House Democratic Leadership to cook up sexual harrassment charges in order to force him out of office and get a tad closer to passing final health reform legislation. And tomorrow he’s going to spend an entire hour telling this lurid tale on Glenn Beck’s show.
So before you can blink, among conservatives Massa has gone from being a much-derided symbol of Democratic corruption, and/or “the Democrat Mark Foley,” to being a victim of vicious socialists, or even perhaps of a gay cabal.
Something tells me Massa is not much going to like his new friends. One old friend, the ever-honest Chris Bowers of OpenLeft, had this to say about Massa’s flip-out:

Act Blue pages which I co-managed supported Eric Massa in 2006 and 2008 to the tune of nearly $100,000. Further, before these charges, I was going to help him win re-election no matter his vote on health care. However, there are good reasons to be suspicious of his actions since Friday. And frankly, while I was very proud of it until Friday of last week, I don’t feel very good about my past activism for Eric Massa now. No matter the veracity of his contradictory charges, he is not coming across very well right now.

I doubt an hour with Glenn Beck is going to help.

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