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There’s Mitt!

Yesterday I asked the question, “Where’s Mitt?”, noting the absence of the former Massachusetts governor and supposed 2012 presidential front-runner from any recent involvement in Scott Brown’s campaign.
Then last night, right after the polls closed, Mitt was very visible, doing serial interviews and joining Brown on the victory platform. Accounts of the Brown campaign also began to emphasize the involvement of former Romney staff.
At that point, Mitt’s low standing in Massachusetts couldn’t hurt Brown, and given the great excitement of Republicans around the country about the victory, Romney probably stopped worrying about complicity in Brown’s defense of the Massachusetts health plan. Besides, there’s probably not a GOP pol in the country who didn’t wish he or she was in Boston last night, rubbing shoulders with the party’s new star.
It will be interesting to see if Brown helps rehabilitate Romney from his near-fatal association with health care “socialism”–or indeed, begins to displace him as the country’s favorite Bay State GOPer.

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