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Brooks Follows His Formula

In the most predictable column you could imagine, today the New York Times’ David Brooks dances around the pending Senate health reform bill, moving hither and yon, touting up reasons to like it and reasons to hate it.
And then, of course, he sides with the GOP in opposing the bill–not really because he objects to its provisions, but because it falls short of his goals for health care cost containment, and might let irresponsible Americans continue to get too much health care.
It was the Brooks formula for thoughtfully disdaining both sides of messy debates, and somehow always lining up with the immediate positions of the Republican Party.
Brooks or his editors entitled the column “The Hardest Call.” Funny–it was a call that was amazingly easy to spot from a far distance.

One comment on “Brooks Follows His Formula

  1. mjshep on

    Ahhh, David Brooks. The pseudo moderate, pseudo intellectual, pseudo reasonable, pseudo sociologist, actual columnist.
    What reason does this man have to be always so pleased with himself? Other than, that is, he is the living symbol of the depravity of our political discourse. Well, I guess that’s something.


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