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Abramowitz: Terrorism Incident Has No Effect on Obama Approval Ratings

This item is by TDS Board of Advisors member and contributor Alan Abramowitz, who is Alben W. Barkley Professor of Political Science at Emory University.
Five days after the terrorist incident in Detroit, and following five days of conservative efforts to blame the Obama administration for a breach of security, Gallup’s daily tracking poll of the president’s approval rating shows no negative impact at all. Obama’s approval is actually slightly higher than before the incident. That could very well just be random noise but there’s certainly no sign of any public backlash against him so far. My hunch is that all of the speculation about potential damage to Obama and Democrats over this incident will turn out to be erroneous. The reaction of the punditocracy to this situation reminds me a great deal of the reaction to the Jeremiah Wright controversy during the campaign–vastly overblown.

One comment on “Abramowitz: Terrorism Incident Has No Effect on Obama Approval Ratings

  1. hipster22 on

    I do not understand the premise of this article. I assume it is a Republican talking point that this is Obama’s fault, he handled it poorly, etc., but is there any journalistic history that would lead anyone to believe that such an attempted attack would hurt the approval a sitting president? I would guess there would be a standard rally around the leader increase of support.


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