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Rep. Grayson Dust-Up: Another MSM Exercize in False Equivalency

If you haven’t been following the dust-up over Rep. Alan Grayson’s (D-FL) take-down of the GOP health care “plan,” do check out this clip, posted by Open Left‘s Adam Green. Grayson responds con brio to GOP outrage over his recent remarks saying “the Republican plan is don’t get sick. And if you do get sick, die quickly.”
Natch, the Republicans got all hufty-pufty and bent out of shape about it and are demanding an apology. But rather than cave in and grovel, Rep. Grayson is turning the brouhaha into a teachable moment, shrewdly using the media attention to hammer home the fact that the GOP really doesn’t have much of a plan, other than obstruct and crush all reform. (Also check out Grayson’s earlier refusal to apologize here). Even when CNN Situation Room anchors Gloria Bolger and Wolf Blitzer try to nail him for being uncivil, Grayson refuses to back off, and attacks the GOP’s do-nothing approach to health insurance. They try to make him eat the false equivalency of his remarks with Rep. Wilson calling the president “a liar,” but Rep. Grayson ain’t having it, and uses the opportunity to deliver another broadside against the GOP’s non-existent health care plan.
Grayson’s response to GOP protests against his remarks is instructive. First time I heard Rep. Grayson’s remarks, I winced, thinking it was a tad over the top. Dems who are squeamish about incivility and such may have problems with Grayson’s attacks. But the GOP has been getting a lot of coverage with their incivility. The way Grayson has handled it turns the controversy into a net plus. What he is doing is deploying the GOP’s media manipulation tactics to good effect, using a controversy to make a case for Democratic reform in stark contrast to Republican obstruction. It translates into more coverage for the Dem reform proposals, which have gotten squeezed off TV by various GOP bomb-throwers, like Sarah Palin. Grayson’s media strategy is don’t spend much time defending yourself; Instead, use every opportunity to attack, and that’s a good lesson for Democrats. Well-done, Rep. Grayson.

3 comments on “Rep. Grayson Dust-Up: Another MSM Exercize in False Equivalency

  1. Poltargyst on

    Here’s to Rep. Grayson!!! Nice to see a Democrat fight back for once! I don’t live in Florida, but I might just have to send him a donation.

  2. ducdebrabant on

    Grayson was recognized by the chair, was speaking on his own time, and insulted no other member by name. I don’t even know what the STATED reason would be for reprimanding his conduct — that you don’t agree with him? Joe Wilson screamed at a guest of the Congress while the guest as speaking. Even if he’d been right, he’d still have been out of order.

  3. aml on

    that would of course imply that democrats have the courage of their convictions.
    or that their convictions are somehow in line with the interests of their constituents rather than their funders (see today’s big con post on consumer finance protection agency).
    i think the most beautiful outcome of the democratic trifecta is its potential to rip off the mask of “its the republicans’ fault” excuse for bad legislation.


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