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So, the longest August in history is over, Labor Day is past, all the bigfoot journalists are back from Martha’s Vineyard, and we can now have something approaching a real debate over health care reform.
At TNR, Jonathan Cohn has a good, if somewhat tenative, assessment of where were are on health reform. He points to the decision to deal with Olympia Snowe, the one Senate Republican who actually seems to be negotiating in good faith, as a good sign (not just in terms of her own vote, but because she can provide cover for shaky Democrats), as is the more serious attention being paid to the reconciliation option for moving a bill through the Senate.
Right now the biggest problem for the White House may be the enormous expectations building up around the President’s speech tomorrow. Today and tomorrow he’ll get a lot of armchair advice for what he ought to say, and how he ought to say it. The one thing everyone will agree on is that he need to be clear, clear, clear on one of the murkiest policy issues imaginable.

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