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Dems Dominate Party ID By State

Those Republicans who are already predicting a landslide win in 2010 might want to put down the champagne glasses for a minute and take a look at Gallup’s latest survey on party identification by state. True, the numbers are from interviews over the entire brief course of the Obama presidency, but they’re still interesting.
With leaners duly leaned, Gallup finds Democratic identifiers with a plurality in 44 of the 50 states (plus DC). The six GOP redoubts, in ascending order of Republican strength, are Mississippi, Alabama, Alaska, Idaho, Wyoming and Utah. Democrats have a majority of the electorate in half the states; Republicans in two (Wyoming and Utah).
The numbers are an ever-present reminder that any weaknesses shown by President Obama or congressional Democrats do not automatically translate into Republican gains, short-term or long-term. We’re a long way from November 2010, and Republicans haven’t won back much trust.

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