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Making the Case on Health Care Reform

Just over a month ago we featured a Democracy Corps analysis from TDS Co-Editor Stan Greenberg, James Carville and Andrew Baumann about the case that needed to be made to create a “sustainable majority” for health care reform.
To recapitulate, DCorps set up five criteria for winning the “health care swing vote:”
1. Voters need to hear clearly what changes health care reform will bring.
2. Build a narrative around taking power away from the insurance companies and giving it to people.
3. The president and reform advocates have to explain concretely the changes that will mean lower costs.
4. Show all voters and seniors that there are benefits for them, including prescription drugs.
5. All of these points should be made with the dominant framework that continuing the status quo is unacceptable and unsustainable.
Today Nate Silver of 538.com used these five criteriato grade the Democratic reform effort so far.
You don’t have to share his harsh assessment–and it is harsh–to agree the public case for health care reform has yet to be made.

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