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All in “The Family”

A few weeks ago I wrote about the strange involvement of the highly secretive evangelical “leadership” group “The Family” in the adultery sagas of both John Ensign (who lived at The Family’s C Street townhouse on Capitol Hill and negotiated with the wife of his mistress there) and Mark Sanford (who apparently was counseled on his marital and extra-marital issues at the same place).
Today’s news brings the revelation of another adultery scandal involving a Republican pol who was very close to The Family: former U.S. Rep. Chip Pickering, once a big-time rising star on the Right, whose estranged wife is suing his alleged mistress for “alienation of affection.” Her complaint in court claims that the affair was in full bloom while Pickering was living at “the well-known C Street Complex.”
I don’t know what’s more notable here: the high prevalence of marital infidelity among the hard-core adherents of this quasi-theocratic group, or the fact that the publicity must be driving its leaders completely crazy. In any event, the “C Street Complex” is beginning to appear as something of a house of questionable repute.

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