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Zany Conservatives Roundup

Seems it’s a good day for some of the odder variety of conservative activists; here are a couple of examples:
In Iowa, it seems (via Steve Benen) that conservatives need a good refresher course in constitutional law, as reflected in the themes of a major rally held In reaction to the recent Iowa Supreme Court ruling striking down the state’s same-sex marriage ban. Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Vander Plaats sez he’ll issue an executive order overriding the court’s opinion until such time as Iowans get to vote on the issue. Informed that the governor has no such power, Vander Plaats said he’d exercise it anyway, since after all: “Who says the courts get the final say?” Er, well, maybe the Iowa constitution? Maybe Marbury v. Madison?
At the same rally, a bird named Bill Salier, the founder of a right-wing group called Everyday America, and former Iowa chairman for Tom Tancredo’s presidential campaign, suggested that the state’s gay marriage ban remained in effect because it was physically still in the statute books. “Unless some magic eraser came down from the sky, it’s still in the code.” Interesting.
Meanwhile, over in the nation’s capital, anti-abortion activists are having catalyptic fits over Georgetown University’s entirely routine decision to let the President of the United States speak on its campus today. Veteran abortion extremist Randall Terry is leading a protest against Obama’s appearance, and is making unusually explicit reference to the US-Nazi Germany parallels that most Christian Right leaders only hint at:

Georgetown’s attitude seems to be: Germany’s leaders built great roads in the 1930s, they helped save the banks, and they rebuilt the economy. Let’s focus on their economy – not that whole genocide thing.

Here’s guessing that Terry and the other protesters will go particularly wild when (as Tim Fernholz tips us off) Obama talks about the Sermon on the Mount as a model for economic policy in his Georgetown address.

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